Genus the lean times during the 80s

Genus managed to survive somehow with about 3 commercial customers and a handful of residential customers.


It was a slow progress to expand our work opportunities as there was not much in the way of new construction or consumer spending in the early 80s in Calgary.


Its funny how things fit into place sometimes. We had zero work booked for the whole year and then the phone rings. A small 18 hole country golf course needed someone to supply and install a manual irrigation system. I worked on this site for the whole summer.

Things started picking up again in 1987 with Calgary hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics.

We added a new travel van to our fleet and started to fill our winter months by offering Genus Travel and Action Canadian Tours, including ski bus trips to Montana and white water rafting to British Colombia.

The travel business never really made a profit, however it kept us busy during the long winter months waiting for the irrigation spring start up weather.


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