Genus the good times during the 90s

Genus had a much better bottom line during the 90s. We added Genus Property Services to our portfolio and we really learned how to keep track of the hours of production and the hours paid.


I believe this is the time that we became professional. We did a lot of repeat business. The quality of our workers and our accomplishments were very good.

Our customers liked us.

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I completed my Master Plumbers course offered by the Alberta government in partnership with SAIT. We also had SAIT as one of our values customers and we won more irrigation and property service tenders that increased our yearly revenue.

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We kept adding to our customer list of property management companies because of our reliable and on time service arrangements with them.

New large irrigation installs were not at the top of our preferences.

We preferred working for management companies that was more constant and also recession proof.


This period was the peak time for Genus Irrigation and Property Service.


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