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Protect you property

Central Pacific land invasion by squatters reported By the A.M. Costa Rica staff.Website
Readers are reporting an organized squatter invasion at the Las Olas development in the central Pacific.

Reports say that up to 400 individuals have entered the land and began putting up their own fences.

This is an up-scale residential community, but it has been troubled and the object of court proceedings.

A reader declined to approach the area toobtain more information Thursday afternoon due to the expectation of threats. Some of the land invaders were reported to be wielding machetes.
Land grabbing is a long-established custom protected by law. Unless the squatters are removed quickly they can develop possession rights.
A reader reported that the squatters had done some environmental damage.

Legitimate land owners are expected to make an appeal to the municipality Monday.
My note.
Property owners, always keep an eye on you property here in Costa Rica.

Who invented the second

Who invented the second

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What exactly is and how did time enter into our lives?

I have searched with Google and have not found an answer to who invented the second and why this particular length of time was used.

The second was introduced by our ancestors and was incorporated into the division of 60 minutes and 12 plus 12 hours that construct a 24 hour period to equal one rotation our or earth.

But no one tells us where did the time length of the second come from.

Why was it not based on the length of time a sparrow chirped for example.

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My humble guess is that it derives from the beat of a healthy human heart, 60 beats per minute. This was the only thing that was available to listen to and that we carried around with us all of the time.

Therefore it might have been a merger of the time length of 60 seconds times 60 minutes times 24 hours to equal 86,400 beats on the human heart for one average spin of the earth.

Where are we headed with this time and gravity and how gravity effects our perception of time.

More gravity related posts later.

The speed of gravity and the speed of light

The speed of gravity and the speed of light.
You may ask why are there physics posts on a property services web site.

To understand Gravity has been my passion for over 40 years. Music has been my hobby for over 40 years. Property Services and Professional Irrigation work has been my professional day time job for over 40 years.

So i decided to use this site to also post my questions and observations about physics and gravity.


My first question and observation.

Most people say that gravity and light travel at the same speed.

So if light cannot escape a black hole, then there should be no affects of gravity from outside of the same black hole.
My observation is that the speed of gravity and the speed of light have nothing in common.

Genus a new beginning 2007

My brother lives in Costa Rica, so I went for a two month visit and really like what I found. It was like stepping back in time to the 1960s, no rush, not important today, good food, good scenery, and very nice people.

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I remember one of my first encounters with a typical Costa Rican family, my daughter and I were on a quad trip and we stopped for refreshments at a small house on the side of the road. A young man about 8 years old offered us a bottle of coke and a boca. He was dressed in a very clean white shirt and presented himself in a perfect business manner. He showed us his house and family, his mom had the dirt floor house spotless.
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I made up my mind that I would like to visit Costa Rica more often. The business went up for sale and in about two years in 2007 it sold. I stayed and worked with the new owner to help him get going and I still work there if he needs my services and when things are slow in Costa Rica. 

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I am slowly heading for full retirement, but I have many years left to help people with their service needs. I hope to hand off the business one day to my wife’s children. They are hard workers and will make good managers as the business grows. 
I quit smoking 5 years ago and think that I should have done it many years ago.

Genus after 2001

It is odd how you remember were you were when earth shattering things happened.
I was in school in New Brunswick when president JFK was shot, and was at SAIT working on a irrigation install when the World Trade Center towers came tumbling down. I was in my plumbing class at SAIT when the Challenger blew up.
Genus was doing well, our revenue hit very close to one million dollars one year, not too bad for a service company. We could expand by adding managers, but I was getting a little tired, my blood pressure was high and I smoked like a chimney. My doctor told me to change my ways or get my affairs in order. 
That was a shock for someone who has new been in a hospital except for minor injuries. So I did what he asked me to do, slow down and take some time off. Taking time off is fun but the business will suffer, so I decided to sell before the company lost too much revenue.