Genus after 2001

It is odd how you remember were you were when earth shattering things happened.
I was in school in New Brunswick when president JFK was shot, and was at SAIT working on a irrigation install when the World Trade Center towers came tumbling down. I was in my plumbing class at SAIT when the Challenger blew up.
Genus was doing well, our revenue hit very close to one million dollars one year, not too bad for a service company. We could expand by adding managers, but I was getting a little tired, my blood pressure was high and I smoked like a chimney. My doctor told me to change my ways or get my affairs in order. 
That was a shock for someone who has new been in a hospital except for minor injuries. So I did what he asked me to do, slow down and take some time off. Taking time off is fun but the business will suffer, so I decided to sell before the company lost too much revenue.

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