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Central Pacific land invasion by squatters reported By the A.M. Costa Rica staff.Website
Readers are reporting an organized squatter invasion at the Las Olas development in the central Pacific.

Reports say that up to 400 individuals have entered the land and began putting up their own fences.

This is an up-scale residential community, but it has been troubled and the object of court proceedings.

A reader declined to approach the area toobtain more information Thursday afternoon due to the expectation of threats. Some of the land invaders were reported to be wielding machetes.
Land grabbing is a long-established custom protected by law. Unless the squatters are removed quickly they can develop possession rights.
A reader reported that the squatters had done some environmental damage.

Legitimate land owners are expected to make an appeal to the municipality Monday.
My note.
Property owners, always keep an eye on you property here in Costa Rica.

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