TOA Theory of all post 1

The theory of All, TOA.

My name is George am i am not a scientist, I do not pretend to be and my background in math has its limits. Please forgive any misquotes as the content is mostly from memory and from what I have read from any scientific book I could get my hands on.

All my life since eighteen years of age I have been thinking of gravity. Why has no one ever solved the problem.

During my working years in property services I was too busy to get too involved, but now I am retired and guess what, sometimes I am bored so here goes.

Albert Einstein, in my view was one of the most quoted and known men to the public. We read about him daily when he came up with e=mc squared. Everyone quoted him and all the schools adopted his beliefs.

I believe he worked hard and contributed greatly to the understanding of science, however I also believe he caved in from his initial views that there was a kind of aether that constructed the universe. He almost turned into a politician when he developed quantum theory and many connected scientists jumped on to that train leading to a flat earth way of thinking.

Sure we have smashed a lot of atoms and we have taken very important readings from space but our scientific community has not changed its stance that what ever has been written determines the structure of our existence. They still squash the rebelliousness of people that think differently, very similar to politicians that want to retain control and force their beliefs upon everyone.

Sorry guys and girls, but when you reach this certain status you seen to grow thick lids over your eyes and ears. I know you must remain focused on your work, but it is suggested that you verify the blocks that your foundation has been constructed of.

I have read some of the thoughts of two men that have published their take on the universe. I don’t agree with them 100% and I don’t know who is right or wrong but I believe they are on the right track. I think they both believe in an aether but are afraid to call it that name because the scientific community will give them the big look.

Conrad Ranzan and John Macken are the two guys that are speaking out and I like what I hear. They don’t know I am writing this, so go easy on them ok.

THE STRUCTURE OF ALL what are we made of.

I am going to try to explain this to you, it is fairly defined in my head, I might sound weird, but hopefully you smart people can take something from the following and prove what is nature made of.

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