I believe we need to really open our eyes and expand way of perceiving things. It is convenient to adapt to what someone teaches us. Also to use a calculator is convenient when used as a tool. I feel we have fallen into a routine way of learning, just learn, watch, listen and don’t think for yourself. 

Computers, iPads and iPhones are adding to this experience, we read and believe all that is written, we watch newscasts and believe everything that is fed to us by controlling interests.

We have communism, capitalism, socialism and a few more variations. Maybe we should add another category called naturalism. When I try to reason with nature and investigate the actual mechanics of gravity, I find myself looking at things differently.

For example, we have a sphere of influence which can apply to many things such as society and gravity. The animals on our planet all live in a sphere of influence, small tribes, unions, pods, and so on. They do not have any federal jurisdictions. There is no big brother dictating what they should eat for breakfast just because some so called expert says this is no good for you.

Now with gravity there are spheres of influence, our planet has a direct influence on its satellites including the moon, and they in turn have an influence on each other when they are in proximity.

The items in our solar system are almost totally influenced by the Sun which has the largest mass of this system. The gravity of our sun drives all of the movements of its planets, with a smaller influence upon the planets satellites.

Our solar system is well within the Milky Way and there are influences from the surrounding solar systems and suspected black holes, but the immediate sphere of influence is within the solar system itself.

The influence of gravity and the speed of an orbit are inversely related by the square of the distance which relates to a sphere of influence. This is where the sphere of influence comes from. The volume of a sphere is V= 4/3 pie radius cubed. I believe all gravity measurements are usually made from the center of each sphere or object, so when you cross section the sphere at its center it relates to the area of the circle in the center of the sphere. The area of a circle is pie radius squared, this is the relationship to gravity in its formulas.

I believe the sphere needs to be totally accounted for in formulations of gravity, so there might be slight differences in the measure of gravity. Maybe the front half of the sphere cancels out the back half of the sphere. The front half is closer to the back half and it should have a greater influence.

Now I think we must take the the spheres of influence to a micro level and apply the adjusted formulas of gravity. We need to totally dissect the affects of gravity to understand what makes it work…….to be continued….

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