TOA 3 Theory of all


The sphere of influence is so very important to the understanding of what our world consists of. Some believe there is an aether, others believe space is void, and the newer thought is there is a field of something that is the fabric of our universe.

The Morley …. experiment has been conducted to prove or disprove a fabric of space, but I must say that the experiment overlooked how the sphere of influence causes a reaction between the source of gravity and the fabric of space.

Try this thought experiment. You have a ball connected to a rod and it is spinning and it is immersed into a creamy substance. The ball spins and will cause some movement of the substance. There is an interaction of the ball and the substance. There would be a greater reaction of the substance if we attached arms to the ball, because they would act like paddles.

I suggest to compare the solar sun as the ball and the planets and moons as the arms, then I suggest the movements of these bodies will influence the fabric of space. The fabric and gravitational bodies all work together by inter reaction.

Gravity bends, compresses and stretches the fabric of space, and the items of the whole universe work together influencing its closest neighbor which intern pass on its influence.

So the Morley….. experiment will not pick up the movement of the fabric of space if it’s thought of as a universal wind blowing from any given direction. The wind will be rotating with the planet to a certain degree.

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