TOA 4 Theory of all

What Is this fabric of space constructed of?
And how does it enact the effects of gravity from one object to another?
And how does it enact the effects of gravity from one object to itself?

The following is purely guess work and speculation because I do not possess the knowledge and the tools needed to peer into the fabric of space.

I have read many of the published works and web site information of what the writers say it is. They have not proven it yet and everyone is speculating.

The closest explanation is one author calls the fabric of space a sea of mono poles.

Other finds are saying there are left spinning and right spinning things, or up and down things. Others say there is something there sometimes but it will never be where you can expect it to be.

I believe it is possible a combination of all of these things. I don’t know exactly what these things are but I can only visualize a concept that makes sense to me. It may sound stupid, but I visualize very tiny magnets that are so small that they cannot be see or detected by the tools we have today.

The idea will have to explain the effects of gravity as we measure them. How the distance between objects, the mass of objects and the speed of objects affect each other. We need to examine each interaction in detail to try and explain the mechanics. I am sorry but I need further proof other than quantum explanations, I guess I am stuck in Newton terminology.

Quantum to me is just abstract art, you can make it say anything you desire.

I suspect these tiny magnets are actually energy fields that are connected end to end and all the way around, in a sphere shape. The larger the surface area and accumulated volume, then the larger is the accumulated effect. The further the distance creates a weakened over all effect.

There is one thing that is really hard for me to visualize the mechanics of the space fabric, and that is the characteristics of an elliptical orbit, of how a planet will speed up when it’s closer to the sun for example, then slow down as it gets further from the Sun. The ball on a rubber sheet can be visualized, as we see the ball rise up from the gravity hole and then slide back down and gain speed. How is this possibly done using a theory of tiny magnetic fields?

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