TOA 5 Theory of all

TOA 5  and Final

In gravitational lensing, the light photons ( or waves ) are bent as they pass close to a gravitational source, now they cannot speed up because light has a definite speed. But maybe an object will follow the same path as the light and is able to speed up as it brushes by the source of gravity. What is there in the mechanics to make this happen?

I suggest that these magnetic fields are able to stretch similar to a spring and they will stretch out and then later pull back the orbital body as it almost escapes the effects of gravity. The stretching, bending and compression of the fields of energy cause the bending of light.

I believe there is a limit of movement of influence. They, the tiny magnetic fields can only get so close and they will not fuse together under normal conditions. They will only stretch so far then the break off their influence if pulled beyond this point. However they will search out and attach its influence to its closest Neighbour.

My vision on the mechanics of how an orbital body moves is explained as follows:

A body is in a perfect circle orbit around a larger source like our sun, for example. There is an equal tension and speed as the two object revolve each other, the space between consists of an assembly of there tiny field magnets aligned and are attracting each to its neighbor to hold this delicate equal orbit. The volume of space between these two bodies will remain constant without any near influences.

Then for example an outside influence passes close enough to alter the orbit. This other source attraction will cause the existing attraction to stretch or compress causing this uneven field accumulation which in turn causes a break in the orbit or an elliptical stretched orbit.

I think that everything that exists in our universe is made up of a combination of these tiny magnetic fields. They start out as non detectable, sort of a nothingness. Then after the Big Bang, or something different, they started to clump together as simple elements, then they got hammered by big stars and were converted into heavier elements. Maybe…..

In closing:
If I were to act as the creator, and I wanted to build a universe, what is the most efficient way to do this? I would seed an area with seeds of nothingness fields of energy that could evolve into what ever I desired. I would not need a long line of dump trucks to carry raw material to the construction site of Earth. I would simply wait over a period of time and then watch my seeds of tiny magnetic fields grow into the vast wonders of the universei.

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