America Divided 2017

America Divided….March 2017


After 65 years of seeing, listening and learning I suggest old guys like me can offer a little something to think about.

Mr. Trump was elected president of the United States by the people of his country following the existing election rules. The opposition was very surprised of the election results because most of the polls showed him trailing.

I believe the so called silent majority had stepped up to bat for him because they were very weary of the same old political faces and scams that they have been exposed to for years. They simply wanted a change from the broken promises and favoritism presented to them in the past.

The people in power are so accustom to getting their own way and simply forging ahead with their own agenda stomping over the rights of individuals and sucking up to the special interest groups. They were accustom to governing by reaction of the press, they were actually being controlled by the press. The press has found out a long time ago that they can print anything they wish, true or false.

The VIPs of the country are accustom to being treated like royalty, they often act as if they are above the law, and they expect to get their own way no matter what it takes.

They the ordinary people see right through them, they are getting tired of the class structure that has been created, they are tired of being controlled by the press, the elite and special interest groups.

The United States of America was founded on solid basic principals of equality, openness to immigration and law and order. This country is the envy of most world citizens, because it still has law and order. Over the years laws on immigration have been swept under the rug to favor special interest groups. This has created a feeling of that it’s ok to sneak into the States and ignore the existing laws and immigration processes. I know for a fact that Americans cannot live in Costa Rica unless they follow the country’s immigration rules.

I know that Mr Trump is Mr Trump, he is not a professional politician, he is different, that’s why a lot of people like him and the others think he should act differently. The press has not been honest with him, and the people might re-elect him if the press continues to control their lives. He has some rough edges for sure, but I feel he may help get the United States back on track of hard work, equal opportunity and honesty. The people sure felt he was a better choice than the other who along with her husband had a very misleading track record.

The people have spoken, gear up for the next election if you are not happy, resisting is not what America is all about.

Ohh by the way…. I am a Canadian with very much respect for your people and country.

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