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America Divided 2017

America Divided….March 2017


After 65 years of seeing, listening and learning I suggest old guys like me can offer a little something to think about.

Mr. Trump was elected president of the United States by the people of his country following the existing election rules. The opposition was very surprised of the election results because most of the polls showed him trailing.

I believe the so called silent majority had stepped up to bat for him because they were very weary of the same old political faces and scams that they have been exposed to for years. They simply wanted a change from the broken promises and favoritism presented to them in the past.

The people in power are so accustom to getting their own way and simply forging ahead with their own agenda stomping over the rights of individuals and sucking up to the special interest groups. They were accustom to governing by reaction of the press, they were actually being controlled by the press. The press has found out a long time ago that they can print anything they wish, true or false.

The VIPs of the country are accustom to being treated like royalty, they often act as if they are above the law, and they expect to get their own way no matter what it takes.

They the ordinary people see right through them, they are getting tired of the class structure that has been created, they are tired of being controlled by the press, the elite and special interest groups.

The United States of America was founded on solid basic principals of equality, openness to immigration and law and order. This country is the envy of most world citizens, because it still has law and order. Over the years laws on immigration have been swept under the rug to favor special interest groups. This has created a feeling of that it’s ok to sneak into the States and ignore the existing laws and immigration processes. I know for a fact that Americans cannot live in Costa Rica unless they follow the country’s immigration rules.

I know that Mr Trump is Mr Trump, he is not a professional politician, he is different, that’s why a lot of people like him and the others think he should act differently. The press has not been honest with him, and the people might re-elect him if the press continues to control their lives. He has some rough edges for sure, but I feel he may help get the United States back on track of hard work, equal opportunity and honesty. The people sure felt he was a better choice than the other who along with her husband had a very misleading track record.

The people have spoken, gear up for the next election if you are not happy, resisting is not what America is all about.

Ohh by the way…. I am a Canadian with very much respect for your people and country.

TOA 5 Theory of all

TOA 5  and Final

In gravitational lensing, the light photons ( or waves ) are bent as they pass close to a gravitational source, now they cannot speed up because light has a definite speed. But maybe an object will follow the same path as the light and is able to speed up as it brushes by the source of gravity. What is there in the mechanics to make this happen?

I suggest that these magnetic fields are able to stretch similar to a spring and they will stretch out and then later pull back the orbital body as it almost escapes the effects of gravity. The stretching, bending and compression of the fields of energy cause the bending of light.

I believe there is a limit of movement of influence. They, the tiny magnetic fields can only get so close and they will not fuse together under normal conditions. They will only stretch so far then the break off their influence if pulled beyond this point. However they will search out and attach its influence to its closest Neighbour.

My vision on the mechanics of how an orbital body moves is explained as follows:

A body is in a perfect circle orbit around a larger source like our sun, for example. There is an equal tension and speed as the two object revolve each other, the space between consists of an assembly of there tiny field magnets aligned and are attracting each to its neighbor to hold this delicate equal orbit. The volume of space between these two bodies will remain constant without any near influences.

Then for example an outside influence passes close enough to alter the orbit. This other source attraction will cause the existing attraction to stretch or compress causing this uneven field accumulation which in turn causes a break in the orbit or an elliptical stretched orbit.

I think that everything that exists in our universe is made up of a combination of these tiny magnetic fields. They start out as non detectable, sort of a nothingness. Then after the Big Bang, or something different, they started to clump together as simple elements, then they got hammered by big stars and were converted into heavier elements. Maybe…..

In closing:
If I were to act as the creator, and I wanted to build a universe, what is the most efficient way to do this? I would seed an area with seeds of nothingness fields of energy that could evolve into what ever I desired. I would not need a long line of dump trucks to carry raw material to the construction site of Earth. I would simply wait over a period of time and then watch my seeds of tiny magnetic fields grow into the vast wonders of the universei.

TOA 4 Theory of all

What Is this fabric of space constructed of?
And how does it enact the effects of gravity from one object to another?
And how does it enact the effects of gravity from one object to itself?

The following is purely guess work and speculation because I do not possess the knowledge and the tools needed to peer into the fabric of space.

I have read many of the published works and web site information of what the writers say it is. They have not proven it yet and everyone is speculating.

The closest explanation is one author calls the fabric of space a sea of mono poles.

Other finds are saying there are left spinning and right spinning things, or up and down things. Others say there is something there sometimes but it will never be where you can expect it to be.

I believe it is possible a combination of all of these things. I don’t know exactly what these things are but I can only visualize a concept that makes sense to me. It may sound stupid, but I visualize very tiny magnets that are so small that they cannot be see or detected by the tools we have today.

The idea will have to explain the effects of gravity as we measure them. How the distance between objects, the mass of objects and the speed of objects affect each other. We need to examine each interaction in detail to try and explain the mechanics. I am sorry but I need further proof other than quantum explanations, I guess I am stuck in Newton terminology.

Quantum to me is just abstract art, you can make it say anything you desire.

I suspect these tiny magnets are actually energy fields that are connected end to end and all the way around, in a sphere shape. The larger the surface area and accumulated volume, then the larger is the accumulated effect. The further the distance creates a weakened over all effect.

There is one thing that is really hard for me to visualize the mechanics of the space fabric, and that is the characteristics of an elliptical orbit, of how a planet will speed up when it’s closer to the sun for example, then slow down as it gets further from the Sun. The ball on a rubber sheet can be visualized, as we see the ball rise up from the gravity hole and then slide back down and gain speed. How is this possibly done using a theory of tiny magnetic fields?

TOA 3 Theory of all


The sphere of influence is so very important to the understanding of what our world consists of. Some believe there is an aether, others believe space is void, and the newer thought is there is a field of something that is the fabric of our universe.

The Morley …. experiment has been conducted to prove or disprove a fabric of space, but I must say that the experiment overlooked how the sphere of influence causes a reaction between the source of gravity and the fabric of space.

Try this thought experiment. You have a ball connected to a rod and it is spinning and it is immersed into a creamy substance. The ball spins and will cause some movement of the substance. There is an interaction of the ball and the substance. There would be a greater reaction of the substance if we attached arms to the ball, because they would act like paddles.

I suggest to compare the solar sun as the ball and the planets and moons as the arms, then I suggest the movements of these bodies will influence the fabric of space. The fabric and gravitational bodies all work together by inter reaction.

Gravity bends, compresses and stretches the fabric of space, and the items of the whole universe work together influencing its closest neighbor which intern pass on its influence.

So the Morley….. experiment will not pick up the movement of the fabric of space if it’s thought of as a universal wind blowing from any given direction. The wind will be rotating with the planet to a certain degree.



I believe we need to really open our eyes and expand way of perceiving things. It is convenient to adapt to what someone teaches us. Also to use a calculator is convenient when used as a tool. I feel we have fallen into a routine way of learning, just learn, watch, listen and don’t think for yourself. 

Computers, iPads and iPhones are adding to this experience, we read and believe all that is written, we watch newscasts and believe everything that is fed to us by controlling interests.

We have communism, capitalism, socialism and a few more variations. Maybe we should add another category called naturalism. When I try to reason with nature and investigate the actual mechanics of gravity, I find myself looking at things differently.

For example, we have a sphere of influence which can apply to many things such as society and gravity. The animals on our planet all live in a sphere of influence, small tribes, unions, pods, and so on. They do not have any federal jurisdictions. There is no big brother dictating what they should eat for breakfast just because some so called expert says this is no good for you.

Now with gravity there are spheres of influence, our planet has a direct influence on its satellites including the moon, and they in turn have an influence on each other when they are in proximity.

The items in our solar system are almost totally influenced by the Sun which has the largest mass of this system. The gravity of our sun drives all of the movements of its planets, with a smaller influence upon the planets satellites.

Our solar system is well within the Milky Way and there are influences from the surrounding solar systems and suspected black holes, but the immediate sphere of influence is within the solar system itself.

The influence of gravity and the speed of an orbit are inversely related by the square of the distance which relates to a sphere of influence. This is where the sphere of influence comes from. The volume of a sphere is V= 4/3 pie radius cubed. I believe all gravity measurements are usually made from the center of each sphere or object, so when you cross section the sphere at its center it relates to the area of the circle in the center of the sphere. The area of a circle is pie radius squared, this is the relationship to gravity in its formulas.

I believe the sphere needs to be totally accounted for in formulations of gravity, so there might be slight differences in the measure of gravity. Maybe the front half of the sphere cancels out the back half of the sphere. The front half is closer to the back half and it should have a greater influence.

Now I think we must take the the spheres of influence to a micro level and apply the adjusted formulas of gravity. We need to totally dissect the affects of gravity to understand what makes it work…….to be continued….

TOA Theory of all post 1

The theory of All, TOA.

My name is George am i am not a scientist, I do not pretend to be and my background in math has its limits. Please forgive any misquotes as the content is mostly from memory and from what I have read from any scientific book I could get my hands on.

All my life since eighteen years of age I have been thinking of gravity. Why has no one ever solved the problem.

During my working years in property services I was too busy to get too involved, but now I am retired and guess what, sometimes I am bored so here goes.

Albert Einstein, in my view was one of the most quoted and known men to the public. We read about him daily when he came up with e=mc squared. Everyone quoted him and all the schools adopted his beliefs.

I believe he worked hard and contributed greatly to the understanding of science, however I also believe he caved in from his initial views that there was a kind of aether that constructed the universe. He almost turned into a politician when he developed quantum theory and many connected scientists jumped on to that train leading to a flat earth way of thinking.

Sure we have smashed a lot of atoms and we have taken very important readings from space but our scientific community has not changed its stance that what ever has been written determines the structure of our existence. They still squash the rebelliousness of people that think differently, very similar to politicians that want to retain control and force their beliefs upon everyone.

Sorry guys and girls, but when you reach this certain status you seen to grow thick lids over your eyes and ears. I know you must remain focused on your work, but it is suggested that you verify the blocks that your foundation has been constructed of.

I have read some of the thoughts of two men that have published their take on the universe. I don’t agree with them 100% and I don’t know who is right or wrong but I believe they are on the right track. I think they both believe in an aether but are afraid to call it that name because the scientific community will give them the big look.

Conrad Ranzan and John Macken are the two guys that are speaking out and I like what I hear. They don’t know I am writing this, so go easy on them ok.

THE STRUCTURE OF ALL what are we made of.

I am going to try to explain this to you, it is fairly defined in my head, I might sound weird, but hopefully you smart people can take something from the following and prove what is nature made of.

Getting older, yes dear

When I was young I remember what my grandfather always said to my grandmother, ” yes dear, your right dear”.

Now I know why, getting closer to his age, every time I wish to voice my opinion to my wife’s statement it leads to an argument of opinions. Older people must get more stubborn as time goes by.

So I have learned to say “yes dear”.

Protect you property

Central Pacific land invasion by squatters reported By the A.M. Costa Rica staff.Website
Readers are reporting an organized squatter invasion at the Las Olas development in the central Pacific.

Reports say that up to 400 individuals have entered the land and began putting up their own fences.

This is an up-scale residential community, but it has been troubled and the object of court proceedings.

A reader declined to approach the area toobtain more information Thursday afternoon due to the expectation of threats. Some of the land invaders were reported to be wielding machetes.
Land grabbing is a long-established custom protected by law. Unless the squatters are removed quickly they can develop possession rights.
A reader reported that the squatters had done some environmental damage.

Legitimate land owners are expected to make an appeal to the municipality Monday.
My note.
Property owners, always keep an eye on you property here in Costa Rica.

Who invented the second

Who invented the second

02 feb 2011 116

What exactly is and how did time enter into our lives?

I have searched with Google and have not found an answer to who invented the second and why this particular length of time was used.

The second was introduced by our ancestors and was incorporated into the division of 60 minutes and 12 plus 12 hours that construct a 24 hour period to equal one rotation our or earth.

But no one tells us where did the time length of the second come from.

Why was it not based on the length of time a sparrow chirped for example.

02 feb 2011 126

My humble guess is that it derives from the beat of a healthy human heart, 60 beats per minute. This was the only thing that was available to listen to and that we carried around with us all of the time.

Therefore it might have been a merger of the time length of 60 seconds times 60 minutes times 24 hours to equal 86,400 beats on the human heart for one average spin of the earth.

Where are we headed with this time and gravity and how gravity effects our perception of time.

More gravity related posts later.

The speed of gravity and the speed of light

The speed of gravity and the speed of light.
You may ask why are there physics posts on a property services web site.

To understand Gravity has been my passion for over 40 years. Music has been my hobby for over 40 years. Property Services and Professional Irrigation work has been my professional day time job for over 40 years.

So i decided to use this site to also post my questions and observations about physics and gravity.


My first question and observation.

Most people say that gravity and light travel at the same speed.

So if light cannot escape a black hole, then there should be no affects of gravity from outside of the same black hole.
My observation is that the speed of gravity and the speed of light have nothing in common.