Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinkler systems and lawn sprinklers in Costa Rica.



In Canada back in the 1970s we started a construction company and an irrigation company.

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Over the years we accumulated a vast knowledge about problems that affect the workings of all irrigation systems, now its hard to find a problem that we cannot repair.


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We have worked on golf course systems, large and small commercial centers, residential systems and condominiums which turned out to be our specialty over the years. Property managers loved our work, we were on time and completed the job with professional results and we were always on budget.



We specialize in testing poor existing irrigation systems and then finding the most economical way to give you the best coverage that you desire.



Almost in every case someone has put too many heads on a zone, it is totally overloaded and will never function unless we do the redesign.



We are willing to look at all sprinkler systems that are performing poorly and we will give you our expert advice.



Simply call us here in Costa Rica at 2582-1673, if you need information. I am retired now from using the company, however my brain is still active solving any of your irrigation problems.